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Echoes of the Past

Connor leaned against the window frame with his arms crossed as he watched the waves crashing against the rocks. In front of him, as wide as the horizon, was the ocean. With the clouds rolling in from the sea, the sky had turned grey and dark, and he knew there'd be even more rain coming later in the day.
He would’ve enjoyed the scene if It hadn’t reminded him of his current life – Unsettled.
He’d been back in Fermosa Bay for a few days already, but the memories of the first five years of his life he’d spent here were tucked away in the back of his mind. Seemingly inaccessible. Nowadays his life was in London and had been for the last twenty-three years.
A noise from the other end of the house hauled him back from his thoughts, and he walked into the hall to find his dad.
“Good morning, Jack.”
The old man sighed. “You still can’t bring it over your heart to call me dad?”
 Connor’s gaze wandered from his father to all the many framed photos along the wall and after a moment’s silence, he said, “Sorry.”
No, it wasn’t in him to call him dad. Or even think of him as his dad.
Jack coughed, and Connor quickly rushed to his side, holding him upright.
“Another bad day?” Connor asked.
“Son, there will be no more good days. One day is like the other, until it will be the last.”
The words struck Connor deep enough to feel some emotions for his father. He knew time was running out, but hearing it, made it sound so final.
“There’s a front coming, but I think you’d be able to sit outside for a little while. At least until the nurse comes.”
Jack simply nodded.

 Breathe You In

Sarah squeezed another little bit of lemon into her tea as she watched all the couples on the dance floor.
“That’s your third cup of tea now, Saz. What’s the matter?” Markus asked.
She turned to look at him, but only a sigh escaped her. He laughed and placed his arm around her for a little hug.
“Want to dance?”
His mouth was so close to her ear, she could feel his breath on her skin as he spoke. If it had been anybody else, she’d probably be feeling a shiver down her spine. But as it was, she’d known Markus for almost twenty years. They’d shared lunches together at school, went together to movies or concerts, shared heartaches and even their first kiss celebrating Mark’s thirteen’s birthday. Both decided then and there that it wasn’t for them.
“I’ve gotta give it a raincheck Marky,” she replied. “But thanks, anyway.”
“Wanna tell me what’s up with you?” He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “You’re usually the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave.”
Sarah let out a long breath before she decided what to tell him, if anything at all. Markus had always been a very good friend. More than that. He’d always been there for her, during good and bad times. Especially bad times.
“I walked in on Timmy with another woman.”
He leaned back and met her gaze. He had such beautiful blue eyes, which conveyed such warmth and understanding.
“C’mon, say it!” she coaxed.
“Say what?”
“You know what. The I told you so.


Auf Wiederseh'n

I couldn’t believe it when I found Grandma’s diary amongst mum’s boxes a few weeks back. It was a bit like a “wow” moment and I remember staring at it for a while. A while that could’ve been a few seconds, or a few minutes. Who knows? I carefully touched it and traced the outside before I opened it. Wondering what I would find, or read, perhaps discover. Then I rolled my eyes, thinking, for goodness sake, it’s just a diary. But it was Grandma’s diary! I think I was around ten or eleven when grandma had died. We had flown to Germany for the funeral. It was a big event and I met a lot of people who had introduced themselves as uncles, aunties, cousins and the likes. I’d had no idea. Well, I had been only little. Or young, even though little as well. So mum had hidden this treasure from me all my young life. I’m not ten anymore, as you would’ve guessed. Yes, I have just turned thirty-one. Lost the love of my life, after we had been together for about three and a bit years, but most importantly, I lost my mum. It took a while longer to accept those news. All of a sudden she was gone. No, it wasn’t cancer. It was her heart. Bang! One day she was happy, complaining I still hadn’t settled down, the next day – gone


Good Morning, Miss Ireland

This one is still in its infancy .... there are ideas .... there are a few paragraphs .... but mainly it's the sequel to "Sweet Dreams, Miss England" .... stay put for more details over the coming weeks or check out upcoming Tuesday Tales for some snippets. :-)

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